The Types Of Hair Loss In Women

Mostly people have misconception that men only suffer from the hair loss problem and only a negligible amount of women have to undergo this type of problem.

Both of these are just myths and they do not have any connection with the reality. The researchers have conducted many studies to test these myths and they have concluded that almost 6 out of 10 women are undergoing the major or minor hair loss problem.

Hair Loss in Women

This problem is highly devastating in women than the men, as for women, beauty lies in hairs. It is very essential for the women to have full bodied and lustrous looking hairs.

The most traumatic experience in any woman’s life is the hair loss problem. Of course, no woman will want to undergo this situation and become bald.

The baldness in woman begins with the unusual hair loss that ranges from between 100 to 150 hair fall per day and it never grew back again.

Still, scientists and researchers are not able to highlight the basic cause of starting of the hair loss problems in woman, yet they have highlighted some causes. These are aging, unhealthy diet, over use of hair styling tools like hair irons and genetic predisposition.

Reasons for Hair Loss in women:

Genetic hair loss in woman is attributed to the chronic telogen effluvium, which cause increase shedding of hairs in woman. This chronic telogen effluvium becomes reason for introducing the menopause problem in 95% of the women and starts hair loss problem too.

Unlike men, women mostly experience the hair loss from behind the front hair line till the crown. This problem starts with thinning the hairs.

Types of hair loss in women:

There are basically two types of hair loss in women. These are telogen effluvium and anagen effluvium.

The anagen effluvium is introduced due to the in-take of medications or due to the chemotherapy process.

The telogen effluvium is due to the reason that at one time unusual hair follicles go in resting phase. There are many reasons for telogen effluvium hair loss problem. Some of these are mentioned below so that you can enhance your beauty:

  1. Stress is considered to be the one of the reasons for causing the telogen effluvium hair loss. The stress can be introduced in women, due to anemia, surgery, illness or rapid change in the weight etc.
  2. Thyroid abnormalities are another reason for introducing the hair loss problem.
  3. Some medications like high dosages of vitamin A, gout medication, blood pressure pills etc, can also become reason for hair loss.
  4. Pregnancy, menopause and intake of birth control pills can cause hormonal imbalance and will lay ground for hair loss problems.
  5. Stress can also be over mind due to the mental illness, depression or death of a person who was very close.

Other reasons for introducing the temporary hair loss problem are:

  1. Alopecia areata
  2. Childbirth
  3. Deficiency of protein or iron in body
  4. Traumatic stress or illness and
  5. Ringworm

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