Show Off Your New Pink Diamond Ring for Everyone to See!


Pink is a feminine color found all over the fashion world. It is popular with purses, shoes, and clothing. One thing that many people are unaware of is that there are pink diamonds as well. They are not as widely seen as white diamonds, but they are there. It is a little overwhelming when you look at all the different ways that one buys wholesale diamonds, but if you know what you want, you will not have any problem finding that perfect piece.


The color pink commonly portrays romance. You see this in fairy tales as the color of the dresses worn by many princesses. It is ethereal and light in both color and breathtaking beauty. It is a lot rarer to see in jewelry as many people have not experienced the unique quality of a pink diamond.


The color of the diamond can range from a very light, barely detectable pale pink all the way to a darker maroon tinted purple color. Not unlike the color of a ruby in a way. This is what makes them so unique though. They can have such a range in hue that choosing the right color can give a hundred different messages. Perhaps you like pink, but not enough to wear a bright pink diamond. Fear not, because you can choose a very pale pink diamond for yourself.


In rings, they are a great solitaire diamond simply because they are able to stand-alone with such brilliance in color. They do not always need other diamonds to help accent their beauty. If that is what you prefer though, it is entirely possible to find other GIA certified diamonds with them. Pink is a color that can easily match with other colors, so putting any other diamond next to it should not bring any problems. It matches well with blues, purples, and yellows. This gives it a versatility that many other diamonds do not own.


Another great aspect of the pink diamond is that it can easily blend in any color of metal. Because of the romantic nature of the color pink, it shines better in white gold or silver, though when set in yellow gold, it is not off-putting. A unique metal that looks quite striking with a pink diamond is rose gold. Because of the pink tint in the metal, it can easily blend and make a very beautiful coupling.


Treat yourself to very romantic and rare pink diamond custom engagement rings. There are thousands of styles to choose from and the great thing about the pink diamond is the range of colors you can find to fit your personality and style. Don’t shy away from color when looking at diamonds. Often the thing you thought most unlike your style is the one that will work the best.





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