The First Years Ignite Stroller Review

This The First Years stroller offers all of the safety features that you would be looking for in a best lightweight stroller.  It does feature a five-point harness, which is the optimal buckling method to prevent a child from bouncing or shaking free.  It also offers front wheel locks to help you steer the stroller straight even over uneven ground, and the rear wheels lock in place when you want to stop.

This The First Years stroller has a very European look, and The First Years Ignite stroller line comes in a couple of different patterns to choose from.

This lightweight stroller does have a small sun canopy.  It doesn’t adjust as well as we would like, but it works fine for when the sun is immediately overhead.

There are no trays for the child, but there is a parent console on the back, a feature that we didn’t see with many of the lightweight strollers we looked at.  The console is fabric with a zippered pouch for keys or cell phones.  There are also two smaller mesh pockets.  There is a cup holder on the console as well, but given that it is fabric it is better suited for a water bottle than a cup of coffee, but overall we are pleased.

Underneath the stroller there is also an adequate sized basket that allows us to carry our diaper bag with us as well.  Overall we were surprised at how much storage there is on this stroller given its size and price.

We were pleased with the storage space on this The First Years Stroller.  While it won’t be your go to stroller if you want to take half the playroom along, it has enough storage space to easily carry the necessities for a walk to the park or a jaunt through the airport.

This lightweight stroller collapses easily, and folds up pretty compactly.  It is small enough for us to store in the trunk of the car when we aren’t using it.  While it’s not the lightest stroller out there, it is easy enough to carry and we’ve hauled it through the airport with no problem.

The First Years Ignite Stroller comes with foam wheels, which are not quite as comfortable as air-filled tires but offer a smoother ride than plastic wheels.  At 6 inches the wheels do well over most paved surfaces, but this stroller is not designed for off-road use.  The front wheels do lock in place, giving you the option of stability over uneven ground or smooth turning on flat surfaces.

The seat does recline, though not flat enough for a newborn.  It doesn’t sit quite as far forward as we would like for our child, who likes to sit up and see what is going on.  The seat is wider, which makes it more comfortable for older kids (this stroller is rated to 50 lbs.) but you may want to add some padding to the straps.

This stroller is not recommended for children younger than 6 months.  We also wouldn’t recommend it for someone looking for a stroller to take jogging or hiking.

Like all strollers, The First Years Ignite Stroller does have a few drawbacks.  It is not the lightest stroller out there.  It also is still relatively long when folded and does not stand on its own, so it may present difficulty with storage.

Like most lightweight strollers, The First Years Ignite does not have adjustable handles.  While comfortable for me, my taller-than-average husband has to bend over to push it.

If you are looking for a lightweight stroller that is easy on the wallet, easy to carry, yet comes with all the accessories you need to get around town, then you should consider The First Years Ignite Stroller.  We were impressed with just how much this stroller has to offer for the price.


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