A Detailed Description of the Apple Valance Curtain

The apple valance curtain offered by Country Porch Home Décor is made from 100% cotton that makes it perfectly suitable for the kitchen areas.  It has a country style that gives you the vibe of the traditional country setting that compliments the design of a classic style home.  The valances are what you are looking for to complete the overall appeal of your kitchen.  It measures at around 60×14 inches which makes it ideal for extensive window kitchens.  It is sold at $32.95 which makes it more affordable compared to any country curtains offered in the market today.

Choosing country curtains over the Blinds

Your window treatment is an essential part of your interior home decoration.  The Country Curtains such as Apple Valance Curtain adds spice and color to your kitchen that cannot be offered by the plain blinds.  Here are some of the reasons on why you should choose the country style curtains that is offered by Country Porch Home Decor than the blinds.

Aesthetic Appeal

Country Curtains can bring refinement and elegance to your house that you cannot achieve with blinds. One look at the apple valance curtain and you will notice the amount of work and love put into it to create a country curtain with a laudable color scheme and style that will match your house.  Adding this curtain into your interior home decoration will instantly give you the vibe of the country side.

A Perfect Insulator

Blinds do not have the same insulating level of the curtain.  The fabric used in creating the Apple Valance Curtain is designed to block the blinding rays of the sun during the summer and control the chilling temperature of the winter season.  The thickness of the fabric used in a country curtain is proportional to the insulation level of the curtain.  So contingent upon the weather, you may want to choose the country curtains instead of a blind to add insulation in your kitchen.


The materials used in crafting the apple Valance curtain are truly high-quality and ultra durable.  Blinds are made from delicate materials and installation of this requires utmost care and attention to prevent any damage.  The country style curtains are just easy to install and use.  They are also designed more durable compared to the average type of blinds.

Avoid Spending Too Much

For only $32.95, you can already avail the Apple Valance Curtain; it is so affordable.  It requires a minimum maintenance compared to the blinds.  Replacing the blind when it is damaged will require you to spend a significant amount of money.

Finally, the country curtains offered by Country Porch Home Décor provide a better privacy compared to the blinds available in the market.   With its affordability, durability, beauty and other features, you should definitely choose country style curtains over the blinds.


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