Dental Facet Abroad

Dental facet is a kind of very thin film made of ceramic or composite material that covers the visible part of the tooth thus correcting its color, its shape or even a slight malformation.

Dental veneers have excellent alternative to other orthodontic techniques since the establishment procedure is very simple, short, and the result is a nice smile, a very natural look. Facets are also a durable solution.

Facetting normally requires only two visits to the dentist.

During the first visit the best dentist in Tampa will slightly lime the enamel of the teeth treated under local anesthesia, so that they can receive facets. Then he takes the impression he sends to the laboratory where the facets are made that will adapt to the anterior surface of the teeth and give you the smile as you imagined it.

At the end of the first session you will receive the temporary facets pending the laying of the final facets.

After 3 or 4 days, the facets are ready to be placed. They are colored that matches the color of your natural teeth and carefully formed to ensure the transformation of your teeth into perfect teeth. The dentist will first try fitting so you can see if the color and shape match you. The facets will be corrected until you are completely satisfied. These are the small changes that are made on the spot. Finally, the final installation is carried out, which consists in sticking the facets to the teeth prepared with the aid of cement. Well done and well glued, your facets will be resistant about 10 years.

The laying of dental facets is not reimbursed by the Social Security. In France a ceramic veneer costs between 800 and 1400 euros, while in Serbia the price of the installation of dental veneers is 275 euros for a quality of work and the same material. Please visit for more information.


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