Causes Of Hair Break

Fall and thinning hair can be caused by internal factors and external. We already know that genetic predisposition, hormonal changes, diet, stress or medications affects our capillary volume adornment.

Causes thinning and hair loss

There are also situations when hair loses density due to simple and unhealthy habits that we repeat every day and which weaken its strength.

An unhealthy diet means a damaged hair

Food is very important for healthy hair and strong. Often happens to eat completely inappropriately and we find we have some serious problems with thinning and hair loss.

Watch body to provide sufficient amounts of vital nutrients forhealthier hair, such as omega-3, vitamin B complex and iron.

High protein food you provide about the necessary, as well as eating fish. Make sure, therefore, that fish, oleaginous fruits, green leafy vegetables (like spinach, rich in iron) and fresh fruit are part of your weekly diet. If you’re not crazy about them and eat them often, opt for dietary supplements.

Healthy diet food is suggested by the Doctors and Dermatologists because of hair loss and thinning. Pakistan hair transplantation centers advise their patients to take good supplements and healthy food, that will make your hair grow faster and healthier.

A hormonal imbalance causes thinning and hair loss

And hormonal imbalances can affect hair health. Hypothyroidism, for example, could be one potential explanation for the weakening of the hair, as well as the start of menopause. Make an appointment with an endocrinologist who will indicate the respective test and that it’s about you have to reveal if your hair has suffered from a hormonal imbalance or not.

Excessive brushing hair

If your hair is already damaged and thin, brushing his will lead to its collapse. Also, if you try to handle it is still wet and non-hydrated with a special product, can weaken the hair. In blogs you can easily read how to get rid hair breaks and hair transplantation.

Excessive use of styling appliances

Plate, curling iron or hot-air gun assaulting the hair first by the heat they emit. Experts advise us to choose us was drying hair using a medium heat step before using the appliance and apply a styling product for thermal protection.

Catching cause thinning of hair tail

Attaching hair very close to putting tension on the line.Alternate times when it caught the gates that let him free.

Allergies can cause hair to break

Allergies can manifest in a variety of ways, including hair loss and thinning thread. But what is the explanation for this? Allergies can cause contraction of capillaries, which reduces blood flow to the base of the hair follicle. The result?Inability to develop new healthy hair.Knowing that allergies cause thinning and hair loss? Make a visit to an allergist who will help you identify potential problems. Once the allergen is identified, remove it from the equation and your hair should recover soon. Good Health is the most important factor to stop the hair loss.


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