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What are the Signs of Speed Sensor Malfunction?

Many people are not aware of the symptoms of speed sensor malfunction on car. They don’t realize that the malfunction could also lead to a more serious trouble the decreasing of engine and system performances. Whenever there is a malfunction on the speed sensor, the speedometer of your car won’t be able to receive right signal from the engine. Your …

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Manual or Automatic Transmission?

Since the appearance of automatic transmission vehicle in the market the rival with the manual transmission began. It happened in the mid 30s and since that time everyone buying a car always sets the question: do I buy automatic or manual transmission and why? According to statistics automatic vehicles conquered the hearts of 70% of the drivers and this number …

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Apple iPhone 6s Reviews

Apple iPhone 6s Reviews : The Iphone 6s change your life. Big screen , 3d Touch screen and better camera.Everyone wants this mobile.This product is APPLE COMPANY. It is a perfect phone as I’ve ever seen. 3D Touch might be the “Next Big Idea” in touchscreens and interfaces. But does it make these new iPhones must-haves for that reason alone? I …

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