Ashley Lobo talks about the dance reality shows in the India

Recently Bollywood has seen a lot of films being centered on smaller towns, and also concurrently many new movies are cutting back on dancing and song. Fits in? There’ll always be song and dance in Bollywood films, comes his reply almost instantly. We met the guy, who makes many stars dance to his directions when he came to the town to stage his Navdhara India Dance Theatre’s second production Agni.

Difficult to imagine Indian Movies without dance
Ashley feels India is state of dancing and song. He says, “We’ve had song and dance for 2,000 years. I doubt we’ll ever have movies without them. We’ve got tens of thousands of dance forms and styles from various areas. There’ll be a genre of serious movies with more story, but the actual basis for a Hindi movie will not be complete with no songs and dance sequences. In our films, there’ll be four genres of dances international style dance, folk dance forms like Bhangra and Classical dance forms like what Saroj Khan does, and they’ll be freestyle. Outside this space, there’ll be movies that will have more performing and very few song and dance, and they will also be movies with less acting and more dance.”

On Directing a Movie
He’s choreographed Hindi songs in the movies like Jab We Met, Namastey London, Cocktail and a lot more and still people love to listen Namastey London Songs . He now intends to make a dance film. He says, “I’m in the process of earning a movie. In next one month or so I can finish writing the script. I have few names in my mind, but I still have to work out who will be excellent for the roles. I will get an actor act and a dancer dance and never the other way across in the movie.” But does not someone like Hrithik Roshan and Shahid Kapoor fully fit the bill? “It would make things easier to cast them in the dance movie but not for the sort of dance I will be demonstrating in the film. It’ll be quite different.”

While few dance Movies have worked, Has he discovered what makes dance videos work? He said, Be it dance or no dance, it’s about engaging the crowd. Now, you can’t maintain the spectator glued to his seat by revealing him dance. Your story has to have a strong story. Fabulous dance in it’s like icing on the cake.

Choreographing for the stars
On being asked if the choreographing needs to be kept simple for an A-lister, he states, “Not really. You choreograph for the performer, not for yourself. You must know their strengths. The worst thing that a choreographer can do is highlight the flaws of a dancer. In movies, it is important to perform good choreography than great choreography. That is what I tell all of the actors I work with ‘I want to utilize what you have.


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