5 Reasons to Start Using Storytelling in Your Content Marketing Strategy Right Now

Once upon a time there was a little company that had amazing products to offer the world. It was slowly growing and getting stronger, but it barely had any customers, because its marketers did not use storytelling in their online marketing strategy.

Every brand and every product has its story. However, not every brand tells it. Instead, many companies choose to impress with numbers and figures, spend thousands of dollars on advertising campaigns, and stun with expensive designs. Would you believe me if I said a simple story works better? You rather do, and here’s why!

  1. Storytelling is in our collective unconscious. A long, long time ago, when our ancestors lived in caves and didn’t know how to write, they were telling each other stories. Passing on fables and legends is in the very nature of humans, so if you want a blog post to become viral, write a story. It will get more shares than anything, simply because deep inside storytelling is still a natural human necessity.
  1. Stories are easy to remember. What’s your favorite TV ad? I still can’t forget P&G “Thank you, mom” 2016 commercial. Why? Because it tells an amazing story that almost anyone can relate to. Same works for content marketing. People will eventually forget all your awesome how-tos and guides with tons of useful factual information. But they will forever remember a good story.
  1. Stories are not boring. Modern customers are so spoiled by overabundance of dazzling, sparkling, and entertaining content that anything that does not excite them stands no chance of getting noticed. An average website visitor is more likely to read a blog post till the very end and not fall asleep if you offer him/her a story. Check out this perfect example of how storytelling turns a serious article into an exciting journey into the world of copywriting.
  1. Stories make people trust you. And, thus, like you. And, thus, buy from you. Whenever you share a personal story with someone, it creates an emotional connection between you two. You don’t just walk around telling such stories to everyone, right? Storytelling in business works the same way. People like feeling special and are usually more than happy to become a part of a good story.
  1. Stories do the best job getting your message across. Nobody likes being pushed at. A story does not sell; it does not trick; it does not promise anything. It simply paints a picture that is easy to imagine. Customers are left with a decision to make, and nobody tells them what this decision should be. This very fact usually makes them decide in your favor.

Using storytelling in your content marketing strategy is a proven way to win customers. People need good stories, as they have powers to save even in the darkest of times. Give your clients stories they want to hear, and may your content marketing campaign be successful!



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